By Sovamind Studios

Astral Experience is an interactive art installation that allows viewers to step into a galaxy and manipulate the very fabric of space and time.  Participants will be surrounded by lights, lasers, and colors, while interacting with a central plane lit from above by UV lights. The frame holding up the plane will additionally be lit from the inside around the perimeter in color changing lights and patterns.  Participants are invited to control the lighting effects through a small panel and interact with the surface of the central plane rolling colorful balls on its surface.  These balls of various sizes and colors will glow under UV light and be returned through a portal near the bottom for reuse.

3D Rendered Mode of Astral Experience

The panels wrapping around the piece will be lit with colored lights and lasers similar to the previous piece, A Colorful Place.

The central interactive focus of the piece will be an evolution of the previous piece, Stellar Vortex. The frame for this piece will be completely enclosed in transparent plastic with lights emanating from behind them all the way around.  Lighting will be moved out to poles supporting the mandala above the piece and creating a more open feeling and providing 360 degree interactive access.

Crowd Funding

Astral Experience is the culmination and evolution of several prior works but won’t be possible without raising funds for the improvements.  In order to achieve this Sovamind Studios will be engaging in several fundraising projects.

  1. Festivals that are interested in having the project installed at their events are being asked to consider grants to help subsidize or reduce the costs in bringing the piece to the festival. This will allow more funds to be available for construction, lighting, electronics, and transportation costs.
  2. Stickers and Pendants will be sold with the proceeds being used to help cover costs.
  3. A crowd funding campaign will also be started to help people directly contribute to the costs of the project.

Budget and break down of expenses:

Construction materials including galvanized piping, new plastic surround for central piece, guy wires, upgraded PVC ball return system: $650

Electronics + Enhanced UV and RGB Lighting and Lasers: $500

Battery system for silent operation without generator: $650

Contingency (10%): $200

TOTAL – $2000