Colorful Place – SOAK 2013

Colorful Place was an art installation for the Regional Burning Man event known as SOAK.  The installation was completed for the festival in less than a week after Sova returned from the Netherlands.

The project consisted of many large pieces of stretch fabric that provided shade and a structured environment during the days and at night provided a canvas for colorful lights and lasers.  The piece was installed directly across from the main stage providing a place for participants to explore and hang out in while enjoying music and performances during the festival.  Lasers and colored lights on the largest vertical wall were setup to allow participants to dance in a “shadow box” while the remaining pieces were arrange to form a semi-circular space with a large mandala piece above.  Lying on the ground participants could look up through the mandala and tree branches at the clouds and stars.

Colorful Place

Video of installation at night:

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