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Sovamind is the collective work of Sova encompassing his work as a photographer (previously under the name NXTFoto), his writings, and his work as a DJ. Sovamind has been producing high quality artwork and professional images since 1994. He has recently moved to the Netherlands and continues to specialize in providing creative portraiture and event photography on location.

Sovamind is also an accomplished musician who is known for playing various styles of psychedelic music as a DJ.  The two styles Sovamind is most known for are Psy-trance and Psy-dub styles.  Psy-trance is known for its fast driving dance style baselines with psychedelic melodies and effects while Psy-dub is more down-tempo with a Reggae type beat.  In addition to Sovamind’s DJing he is also working on his first musical album titled “Environments”.


Since receiving my first camera from my aunt two decades ago, I have been fascinated with the ability of a simple machine to capture life and creatively present it back to a viewer.  Since making the progression from 35mm film to digital scanning of film in the early nineties and finally fully embracing digital SLRs and workflows in 1999, I have been quick to adapt technology to solve problems and provide more creative freedoms in my work. In addition to working on creative portraiture or commercial imagery I enjoy spending my free time working on my “Nocturnes” project that I plan to publish and have shown in galleries later this year.

In the last few years music has also taken a large part in my creative expression.  I had always been a fan of electronic music and in particular Psy-trance.  What started as my sharing my favorite music and playing it for people at parties soon turned into my being asked to DJ at various events.  I like how psychedelic music helps to not only create an interesting melody and rhythms but also to create atmospheres and almost tell a story when done well.  It is that idea that has lead me to start work on my own music and album titled, “Environments”.  This work will take the listener on a journey through several different atmospheres and hopefully convey a virtual story through song.