Salton Sea

Being a night photographer I have to admire the work of Troy Paiva of Lost America fame, so when I got a chance to visit a place that I had seen in some of his photos I jumped at it.  The Salton Sea is a lake that has no drainage and at one time was attempted to be made into a resort community for people from LA and San Diego. Unfortunately, the fertilizer from local agriculture would drain into the lake in later years and kill all the fish in the lake creating a giant smelly crusty coast around the entire perimeter.

Luckily for me the lake was not in such a condition when I went out to see it. The bad part for me was that many of the old abandoned and failing apart buildings I had hoped to shoot at night had been torn down or bulldozed. I was able to find a few old trailers at the lake and get a couple good shots. Here are my two favorites:Â

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  1. A friend turned me on to this blog and it’s been one of the most seductive indulgences I enjoy on a weekly basis. The lighting and geometry present in these photos is a staggering example of being able to see the world through another’s eyes.

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