AlterEgos is a “pub crawl” organized by AlterEgosSociety each year in Portland, Oregon where the city’s Heroes face off against the Villains with fun prizes, competitions, and of course lots fun and socializing. Participants don their own unique super-hero or super-villain outfit, complete with props and special powers. Some of the creations included, “The Red Menace”, “Abstinence”, “Empathy”, and “Professor Preposterous”.  “Pluto’s Revenge” was an evil villain out to restore Pluto’s status as a planet, and “The Virgin Sister” was out to smack evil hands with her super-powered ruler.  I decided to go down and take some photos of everyone participating this year. I will be posting a whole gallery from this event to my events section in the future, but here is a few of my favorites.  What super hero or villain you would be? What would be your super-power? Let us know in the comments.

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