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Pictures of the Apartment

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A quick word about speaker wire.
A quick word about speaker wire.

Getting my audio setup going here in the Netherlands and had to buy some speaker wire.  Just a reminder that the only thing that matters is the diameter of the wire vs the length of the run.  Don’t fall for fancy marketing gimmicks and buy stupidly expensive wire!  Here is the technical details if you […]

eBook reader and 1 – 3 book recommendations by me and you

If your friend just got an eBook reader and were going to recommend 1 – 3 books on it. Which books would you recommend and why? I will start: 1) The Art of Happiness (Riverhead, 1998, ISBN 1-57322-111-2) No other book has made such a powerful impact on myself and others. Even if you don’t […]

I'm moving to the Netherlands NOT Holland!

While a few people seem to know the difference, I am a bit confused as to why some people keep thinking I am moving to Holland.  Perhaps this video will help to avoid the confusion, or maybe just add to it.   Scanning with 16fdg-pet is also a biologic clock be easily deter- with a […]

Phone not working!

My phone isn’t working at the moment as I port my phone number to Google Voice.  If you need to get a hold of me, email, or contact through this site is the best.  Hope to have this fixed soon!

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