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Skit about Nerf weapons beautifully explains Nuclear Arms race

This skit is really pretty scary in how it accurately (albeit in a comedic fashion) portrays how the Nuclear Arms race works. Weight KG. Free pills with every order. The FDA has approved.

The Internet and its affect on Marketing
The Internet and its affect on Marketing

I find it amazing how little large companies understand the shift of communications in the last few years because of the Internet and the affect on Marketing.  Here is a copy of examples…

“I wasn’t on the moon in 1969 and neither were you.”
"I wasn't on the moon in 1969 and neither were you."

I like this producer’s take on people claiming that the Apollo Moon landings were faked.  He is calm, collected, has simple facts that anyone can follow, and most of all, knowledgeable about production possibilities during the time.

The Psychology of Magic
The Psychology of Magic

The Smithsonian has a nice piece written by Teller (of Penn and Teller) about the psychology of magic.  A little short, but good enough to get you thinking, and remind you about those cognitive distortions you may have forgotten. Découvrez notre sélection de produits à petits prix VitaBeast 10 x Capsules – Complément alimentaires […]

Wall Street Journal article complaining about new tax increases on "families"
Wall Street Journal article complaining about new tax increases on "families"

So the WSJ is actually publishing an article complaining about how the taxes that got increased actually apply to more than the wealthiest 1%.  Specifically they are complaining about several increases to “families” making $250,000+ and are actually making them out to be hidden: “So, a couple with three children and adjusted gross income of […]

A Message by George Carlin

There a great number of people that have had wise words and insights over the years.  Besides prominent leaders such as the religious figures, politicians, and philosophers, there are creative artists that are able to craft their words and share equally powerful thoughts and ideas.  The problem is that often their words are not heard as they […]

Compassionate Critters

In a recent study, psychologists sought to find out if a rat would assist another rat that was trapped in a confined box.  They tested it in various situations including ones where the rats were not united after being freed.  They found that the the rescue would be done quickly regardless of the reward.  They […]

How long does your mobile phone provider store your text messages?

I had just always assumed that mobile phone operators kept a log of every text message you send or receive on your phone. This might not be true. 

Hollowing Out America

This article does a pretty good job of paint the bleak picture of the past quarter century in the United States. If you are not depressed after reading this, then you are not paying attention.

Taming Wall Street

I have always thought that a return to a per-transaction tax on Wall Street was a great idea.  After all, isn’t that how they make their money off their customers?

FDA recalls drug after 5 years of side-effects and approval without testing.

This is really scary, and yet not surprising.   Apparently the FDA approved a generic version of Wellbutrine XL 5 years ago.  This generic version came in both 150mg and 300mg versions.  Immediately after patients started to use the generic version of this popular drug, complaints of side-effects and ineffectiveness started rolling in for the […]

Amazing what happens when you leave the freeway…

Taking a trip to Seattle, I had to make a small trip to Centralia, WA for some work. While there I ran into a crazy art house. Guess I need to remember to get off the freeway more often.

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