Scream at the Beach

I was asked by another photographer if I wanted to join him on shoot for the local haunted house called “Scream at the Beach.”  It seemed like a really cool gig, and I decided to tag along. Ended up having a blast and getting a few really interesting captures.

Victorian Shoot

Zuzzie wanted to add more pictures to her portfolio but this time with a more Victorian theme. Luckily I knew a great house to use for this shoot, and it turned out really well. A few select pictures below:

PDX Strobist Meetup

Got together with the guys over at PDX Strobist for another shoot and educational meet-up. I have been helping them to get organized, and setup the new website for them as well as just having a great time taking pictures at the meets. Here are a few shots that I think really came out great:

Nothing Fancy

Not really anything stellar shot today, but I went ahead and took a picture of this gorgeous knife. It was a belated birthday gift from friends, who knew that I had lots one just like it. Very happy to have it’s twin. Actually, I am sort of happy how I was able to get the …

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70-200VR vs 600 F4

A few people were wondering just how big the Nikon 600mm F4 is compared to something more “mundane”. Here is a quick shot of what it looks like in comparison to a Nikon 70-200mm F2.8 VR lens.

New Office almost done!

Work on our new office is nearly done! We have completed the lighting, painting, and moving in the furniture. Next up is getting some of our prints into large frames and up on the walls. We even added a nice couch so that customers can sit and review their prints on site. Some quick pictures:

Pets are people too!

Well regardless if you agree with that or not, you can shoot their portraits just like a persons. Here is a few from a portrait session for a cute little Pembroke Welsh Corgi.