Southeast PDX Murals, Graffiti, and More

Murals are increasingly becoming a popular tactic for cleaning up graffiti covered areas of cities, but they have other impacts as well.  One of the earliest mural projects was started in 1984 in Philadelphia by Murals Arts.  Originally a government supported organization, the project took off and is now supported exclusively through volunteers and donations.  …

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The Psychology of Magic

The Smithsonian has a nice piece written by Teller (of Penn and Teller) about the psychology of magic.  A little short, but good enough to get you thinking, and remind you about those cognitive distortions you may have forgotten.  

Wall Street Journal article complaining about new tax increases on "families"

So the WSJ is actually publishing an article complaining about how the taxes that got increased actually apply to more than the wealthiest 1%.  Specifically they are complaining about several increases to “families” making $250,000+ and are actually making them out to be hidden: “So, a couple with three children and adjusted gross income of …

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Phone not working!

My phone isn’t working at the moment as I port my phone number to Google Voice.  If you need to get a hold of me, email, or contact through this site is the best.  Hope to have this fixed soon!

Hollowing Out America

This article does a pretty good job of paint the bleak picture of the past quarter century in the United States. If you are not depressed after reading this, then you are not paying attention.

Taming Wall Street

I have always thought that a return to a per-transaction tax on Wall Street was a great idea.  After all, isn’t that how they make their money off their customers?